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Pet food and accessories is our business,
Customer service is what we are all about.

We stand behind our foods and they are all guaranteed.
If a food does not work for your pet, return it and we will work to find the right food for your pet.

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About Us

Just For Pets has been proudly serving pet owners for over 15 years with it’s early beginnings in a small storefront on Highway 4, to its current location at 1241-2A Avenue North. Just for Pets is locally owned and not a box store!

By shopping at Just For Pets you can be confident in knowing that the foods and treats we sell are of the highest quality, and that we don’t carry “grocery” level pet foods because of our commitment to your pet’s health! We are proud to have the best selection of Canadian made pet foods as well as our new section of “Raw” diet.

Just For Pets’ management and staff believe in the humane treatment of animals, which includes not caging them for sale! You will however be greeted by our customer greeter Xander the cat!

We have been serving pet owners for over 20 years!

Best regards,
Chad Jackson (Owner)

Foods We Sell

At Just for Pets we focus our inventory on Canadian made foods as well as premium foods that have biologically appropriate ingredients like the many lines of ACANA made by Champion Pet Foods, Grain Free foods like Orijen also by Champion Pet Foods or Legacy by Horizon Pet Foods, fresh- not frozen meat ingredients like the lines of Nutram foods, Specialty diets like those provided by Precise, Nutram, Science diet, Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance.

Our Customers often tell us what they want or need and we make it our goal to listen and act on their requests. That is how we moved to include Raw dog food from Carnivora and Mountain Dog Food. Many of our dry kibble foods are considered “as close to Raw diet” as possible but to those that feed Raw, there is nothing that compares. See the Carnivora web site for a very educational experience into the world of Raw.

If you want or need a food for your pet and we do not have it yet, please let us know and we will do our best to help

Treats and Toys

Please take a look at the great selection of treats that we offer! If you are looking for a treat that we do not carry, please feel free to contact us in person, phone or email and let us know. We will do our best to bring it in.

We are committed to carrying treats that are healthy as well as offering a wide variety allowing customers to bring their pets something new!

Bulk treats are a hit with our customers!

Dog Treats Dog Treats Dog Treats Dog Treats Dog Treats Toys Toys Toys

Training Equipment

We carry what we consider to be the best in leather leads and collars that are Canadian made, thick and made to last. Our Spiked collars for your Bull breeds or Rottweilers are beautiful and are also Canadian made.

We have a huge selection of nylon collars, leads, and harnesses made here in Alberta! If you need it for training, we have it or can get it!